Being selected as a trustworthy stranger to ask for help.

Ever since I was in my bachelor’s degree, I have experienced the occurrence of strangers walking up to me or asking me for directions to somewhere as we are walking in opposite directions. One of the first times that this happened, I was in the first week of my third or fourth year of my bachelor’s sitting at my faculty and this freshman walks up to me to ask me for the location of something that I don’t remember now. When he proceeded to ask, he commented that he was nervous to ask because he was on his first week as a freshman but that I looked nice and trustworthy enough to take the risk. I only responded to the question at hand, but it surprised me that he thought that because as an INTJ I don’t think of myself as someone that projects niceness and trustworthiness.

It doesn’t matter where I go or what I wear, I am seeked by random strangers for help in directions. Apparently I give a vibe of knowing the area and of being helpful. I could be wearing headphones and it doesn’t matter, I get interrupted anyway.

I was once interrupted at a men’s department at a local JC Penney because a guy was deciding on a shirt to wear to a formal event and wanted fashion advice. At that time I didn’t have as much knowledge on men’s fashion so I knew that I wasn’t the best candidate for the task. It’s just weird that he would rather ask a stranger than ask an employee.

I always wonder what these people are thinking when they get the courage to ask me for directions. Why do I seem to project trustworthiness and kindness, even if I may not be the ideal candidate for it? I thought that there is something hidden that I still haven’t found out about INTJs, but the data that I had stated otherwise.

Today I was at the university where I did my master’s going from one building to another when a gentleman that looked like a guest speaker interrupted me to ask me where the library was in English. I pointed him in the direction of the library. He realized that it was in front of his visual field and thanked me. I didn’t say one word and went on my way.

I, as always, wondered why did he ask me if there were other suitable candidates around me. Then it hit me. What if they are not looking at me or my non-approachable INTJ qualities but at the kindness and trustworthiness of Jesus? If this is true, then it means that no matter what I wear or how I seem to act my testimony as a Christian is visible; visible enough to be asked questions that one normally doesn’t ask a stranger. It would mean that I am doing something right in my relationship with God that is being indicated by how approachable I am seen by strangers.


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