What things should an INTJ keep to himself.

As an INTJ, I know that there are some things that I should keep to myself. It’s for everyone’s benefit, as my oldest sisters would say. Now I won’t go into specifics here, because that would defeat the purpose of keeping things to oneself. Instead, I will enumerate the general topics of things that we INTJs should not allow other people to find out.

  1. What we watch on YouTube when no one is around us.
  2. What we watch on Netflix when no one is around us.
  3. What we search on Google when no one is around us.
  4. Whatever dreams, aspirations, and/or goals that we have that goes against social norms.
  5. What we dream about in our sleep… unless we want to make the other person laugh at the absurdity of the dreams.
  6. That our personal blogs are our personal blogs.
  7. The apps on our phones.
  8. Our deepest thoughts. No one needs to know them.
  9. Our first ideas.
  10. The things that we really like to experience that we know that we shouldn’t experience with anyone else because it just won’t be the same as we perceive it in our minds.

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