INTJ views about Empowerment

Empowerment is an awesome concept for INTJs because it’s about gaining control of one’s circumstance. I like it. I have used it.

The problem that I’m finding with the concept of empowerment is not in the concept itself but with the people that know about empowerment and try to sell the idea of empowerment as something to adopt… something to adopt as a tool for helping others but not for a tool to help oneself. The people that teach and endorse empowerment don’t want the people that they work with to use it against them.

This makes sense when analyzed from the perspective of the one who is “empowering”, but not to the person that is receiving this knowledge. To me, if you are going to teach about empowerment you should be without reproach. Otherwise, you will be categorized as a hypocrite.

Being empowered is a liberating feeling, but it is also a responsibility. It is about demanding what is yours to have, but it is also about being considerate of yourself and others. It’s a risk, a calculated risk.

Empowerment is about the attitude that you have. It’s putting the feeling that you have power and control over your circumstances to good use. It’s about respecting that in others. It’s a dialectic idea. If you are empowered or if you teach empowerment you should accept other people’s manifestation of empowerment.

INTJs are relatively empowered people. We feel sufficiently in control of our circumstance to take steps towards goals that on the surface (and to me) seems contradictory to our nature. We become extrovertly bold. We show confidence in the validity of our opinions. We say what is needed to be said without sugar coating and we stand by our words and actions.


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