How to earn the tittle of idiot by an INTJ.

Because INTJs have high standards, being called an idiot by an INTJ is one of the easiest things to accomplish. It’s not that bad… nope, it is that bad. It means that you suck! What can you do to be called an idiot?

  1. Say something really stupid.
  2. Try to look cool while doing uncool things.
  3. Try to project maturity when you are really immature.
  4. Try to project wisdom when you are not wise.
  5. Sell an INTJ something that isn’t true.
  6. Present a faulty argument.
  7. Say that we are wrong… without backing it up with logic.
  8. Say that we are stupid.
  9. Say that we are too evil.
  10. Try to project spirituality while still showing works of the flesh.
  11. Project that you can provide something that the INTJ wants and then don’t deliver.
  12. Promise the INTJ that you will do something and then no do it in a royally screwed up fashion.
  13. Try to take away the INTJ out of a place where the INTJ is content to drag them to a more torturous social situation.
  14. Impose stupid social expectations that have no logical foundation whatsoever.
  15.  Say that something is wrong without being able to present a logical basis for the action being wrong.
  16. Talk about a topic that you are not really qualified to talk about, especially when someone else is more qualified to talk about the topic than you are.
  17. Try to preach in a Sunday School class.
  18. Project unfounded intelligence.
  19. Be fake towards the INTJ.
  20. Screw us over.
  21. Drive in a lousy fashion.
  22. Try to do something that you aren’t qualified to do and fail.
  23. Know that you suck at something and don’t do anything to improve on it.
  24. Be oblivious to your true limitations.
  25. Don’t get a formal higher education and don’t get an informal higher education.

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