Differences in applying for the different higher education degrees.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I decided to pursue a doctorate in psychology. As an INTJ, I acquire data about what goes on, what I do, how I respond, how other people respond, and how do I feel. I also compare it with how the process was to apply for my Master’s in Public Health Education and my Bachelor’s in Biology.

I am exited to start this chapter in my life. This is important because when I applied for my Master’s degree I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. With that Master’s degree I have gained the self efficacy needed to apply to the doctorate degree without hesitation. In my Bachelor’s degree there wasn’t any real prominent emotion.

I am more mature than in either process. I know what I need to do and I am confident enough to go through with the process without significant cautiousness and doubt. I’m experienced.

I am comforted that I will be in my homeland and in a familiar environment. Even though it will be at a higher level, I know the system. I am also comforted that I will be doing my degree in the public system. I know that I will get a quality education for a low price. I am also comforted by the fact that I won’t be alone because someone from church will be going through the 6-7 year long process with me. The most influential thing of all, I am comforted by my father’s support of this decision and the process that entails it.

I know what I want and what my priorities are. I know that this degree will get me to where I really want to be. This to me is different because when I applied to both Biology and Health Education because in those instances I never thought of actually working as a Biologist or as a Health Educator. Biology was a means to get to med school and Health Education was my plan B when med school didn’t work out (thank God for that). I am thinking about working as a psychologist as I am applying for the profession. I am happy with where I am going. That didn’t happen in Health Education. My goal has never been clearer.

I am thinking of doing more than just take classes. I am thinking about applying for a teacher’s assistant or a research assistant position at the university during my doctorate degree. That didn’t happen on Biology or in Health Education. My  biological father knows how mindful I am about the economic aspect of things and said that if I was going to apply for the position for money reasons that I didn’t need to worry about that (I am fortunate, I know). But I am older and aware of the other benefits of it, like what it can add to my resume and what I can potentially accomplish during that time. This makes me proud of my progress and how my mentality has changed. I am comforted by the hope that this can change from year to year. Hopefully I am assigned to or I can wisely choose an area that I love and that has the space for me to be of impact.

I thank God for this long process. I have learned a lot and have grown significantly in this time. Every aspect of my life has benefited from it. I am looking forward with hope, happiness, and consciousness (like any INTJ would/should).

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