Deciding to pursue a doctorate degree.

About a month ago, maybe two, I found out that the university where I did my bachelor’s degree has a doctorate in psychology. I was surprised to hear about it because I was told that there were only two programs that had accreditation in PR. I had hope that I would be able to pursue further studies in the area that I would enjoy and work at. But I didn’t really gave it much attention.

This week, I was reminded of it and I realized that this was something that I wanted to pursue. When I told my father (biological father) about this degree, I got a positive response from him and the motivation to carry on with the necessary actions to pursue it.

I always knew that I would end up here, because I have a high affinity for how the mind works. I just was in denial. In denial until this week.

I realized that I don’t think that I should study addiction psychology, even though I like the subject of addiction, because I don’t think that I would be most efficient in that environment. So I made the decision to study clinical psychology… unless God says otherwise.

I am happy with this decision. I am also happy to have my father’s blessing, even if it’s just emotionally. I have a goal with which to plan the next years of my life. I am also one step closer to my professional ideal. I can also have the chance to keep learning that which I love to learn about in a setting full of ideas and perspectives.

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