25 Things that INTJs avoid at all costs… almost all costs.

  1. Noisy children… children in general.
  2. Parents of annoying children.
  3. Social stress.
  4. Tagging relationships.
  5. Being outside for too long.
  6. Having roommates.
  7. Letting people into their inner world.
  8. Showing other people their weird thought patterns.
  9. Overly emotional people.
  10. Boring people.
  11.  Whiny people.
  12. Cleaning? Cleaning more than its healthy to clean?
  13. Crappy marketing.
  14. Waste of our energy.
  15. Waste our time.
  16. Screwing up our plans.
  17. Having someone screw our plans.
  18. Look like a stupid person.
  19. Being brain dead.
  20. Being probed about feelings.
  21. Conversations about cooking and cleaning.
  22. Hugs.
  23. Kisses. (not the chocolate)
  24. have people too close to their personal space.
  25. Making judgement without all of the facts needed to make those judgments.

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