The death of my iPhone 5.

My iPhone 5 died suddenly today at around 3pm, PR time. That was two hours ago. After 2 years 11 months and 14 days of service, the phone had an attack and turned off, never to respond again. It was replaced shortly by an iPhone 6s.

I freaked out slightly when my phone died. It wasn’t about the iphone. It was about the lack of communication. My phone is my connection to the outside world because I live alone. If something happened to me in my house and I was alone I’d be in big trouble. At least with my phone I can call for help.

I emailed my father, sister, and brother with the news. I got dressed and walked to the nearest att shop (which thankfully is just crossing the avenue from my apartment complex) to replace the phone. My father went to my apartment to see me, but I had already left. A for effort.

My iPhone 5, my first iPhone, is dead. The phone that went through my master’s degree. The phone that upgraded the quality of my ministry of taking pictures and videos of the most inappropriate things. The phone that rarely froze, comparing to the HTC Aria, and suffered a lot of falls. Thankfully it had the protection of the Otter Box cover.

The iPhone 5 is in the past. Now I will embark on a new phone journey with the iPhone 6s.



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