How to get on a INTJs good side.

  1. Listen to our ideas.
  2. Allow us to have alone time.
  3. Don’t insist on bring us to a different social circumstance to the one that we choose to be.
  4. Don’t judge us… or at least don’t say anything bad about us… unless it’s really damaging to our health.
  5. Don’t suck.
  6. If you do suck, cause you are human and that’s bound to happen, admit it and take responsibility for it.
  7. Be respectful of our differences.
  8. Be accepting of the INTJ lifestyle (though lifestyle isn’t the appropriate way to express this idea).
  9.  Ask for our input.
  10. If you are someone important to us, don’t hesitate to push us in areas where our self-efficacy hasn’t been fully developed.
  11. Don’t be afraid of the death stare.
  12. Engage in pranking, but keep it at the same degree of prank.
  13. Value what the INTJ has to offer.
  14. Use what the INTJ has to offer.
  15. Don’t try to stick us in an extremely noisy and social situation. We won’t make it through the night.
  16. Understand that we are humans, after all.
  17. Don’t annoy us.
  18. Respect our personal space.
  19. Be honest with us.
  20. Once have gained our trust, don’t be afraid of sowing slowly things that would normally make us uncomfortable.
  21. Bring your perspective to the table in our discussions.
  22. Understand that improvisation is one of those things that we are sucky at.
  23. Be mindful of where you put your hands. Some of us, if not all, are really sensitive to human touch. If you do it wrong you will have become an annoyance to us.
  24. Make time for us and us only.
  25. Make good plans with us in mind.

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