How to annoy an INTJ.

This has been done before, I know. I am still doing this post because I can. How can you annoy an INTJ.

  1. Question something that the INTJ has as fact.
  2. Be an idiot… or at least do something that makes you look like an idiot.
  3. Sell the INTJ something as awesome and an adoptable idea when it is neither awesome or something we want to adopt.
  4. Give hugs.
  5. Hug us to intentionally annoy us.
  6. Question our abilities to do something that we are more than capable of doing.
  7. Don’t allow us to gain the self efficacy to do something because you think that doing it for us is a good thing.
  8. Impose your will on us as if it’s the right thing to do.
  9. Give an aura of self-righteousness.
  10. Be selfish.
  11. Don’t be courteous in things that make sense to us.
  12. Drive in a lousy way.
  13. Keep driving opinions on us that we already proved wrong.
  14. Say things about us using faulty information.
  15. Judge us negatively.
  16. Be a inefficient leader.
  17. Show intolerance.
  18. Be arrogant.
  19. Don’t take our ideas seriously.
  20. Deny our feelings.
  21. Invalidate our feelings.
  22.  Categorize our dreams or ideas as crazy.
  23. Scold us for not following your stupid social norms.
  24. Talk to us about a superficial and boring (to us) topic.
  25. Screw with our plans for the day.

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