INTJ analysis of the future of the human dynamic with dad.

How do I, an INTJ, see the future of the human dynamic with the new dad? I don’t know, exactly. I don’t want to think that the sowing part of the dynamic is over yet. There is one thing that I actually want to sow, but I don’t want to be as explicit about it as I am getting the idea that I might have to be. I am aware that adoptive parents have the… disadvantage of having the expectation put on them that they have to be an upgrade to the adoptive child’s biological parents. With me that is no exception. With the tittle being given, there are certain expectations that I wish I can put on him with the certainty that he will accept them and carry it out.

The other thing I have to consider is what will happen to the mother on probation (his wife). She is still on probation, and my  INTJ rationality indicates that I shouldn’t give her a free pass just because dad got approved. Though thinking about it from a different perspective, she hasn’t given me a hard time about having a better human dynamic with him than with her. In a church environment where worldly beliefs persist and this type of action gets ridiculously policed and restricted, that should actually win her bonus points.

I can’t blame her for my way of thinking. I do have a bias that I shouldn’t even consider having a significant human dynamic with a female because they suck. Data from other women have shown this to be true. Even though there are exceptions and she is a different person, I rather not take my chances. That puts her in a significant disadvantage. It also doesn’t help that she isn’t as accessible. I do try to not alienate her completely, but it’s hard to accomplish that considering that she either always have a force field of other humans around her or she seems to disappear from my sight.

As an INTJ, I have to think this situation through. I also have to see how the present data changes as a result of giving my father on probation the approved Dad status.


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