Calling my father on probation dad for the first time.

Okay. So it was via text message. I have to start somewhere. Thinking of calling him dad vocally right of the bat was imagined as something that could be really awkward for me. This is something that my mind has to get used to and I have to be comfortable calling him dad in public (not an easy task, I assume)

So I decided last night to start via text message. Seems small and non significant, but it was a necessary step in my mind. It was a demonstration of my willingness to “say screw it” to my principles when they make little to no sense. The fact was that I stopped having a significant reason to not go through with it. So what if the probation stage didn’t last one calendar year. It’s not like that was a standard. Though thinking about other people that went through a similar probationary stage I realized that I actually took the dynamics with the other’s seriously before the first calendar year was up, so that was an excuse that sucked on my part (oops).



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