Dreams as an INTJ

Dreams. Not the ones that you have when you are awake, like what do you want to be when you grow up, but the ones that happen when you sleep.

Dreams. Those messages that you get when you sleep about something in your life that doesn’t necessarily come with an interpretation.

Dreams. They can be in bright color, opaque color, or in black and white. Some are things to fear, others cause you to want to wake up and deny the dream’s existence.

Dreams. A story in pictures, words, and senses that gives us way too much data to analyze for our own good.

Dreams. Sources of laughter for other people, because they tend to be weird and crazy.

Because of these things, dreams as an INTJ are confusing to me. God has spoken to me through dreams, yet the messages are in code most of the time and I can’t really decipher them well. So they stay as data to be analyzed at a later time… or a story to tell when you want to make people laugh.


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