25 things that the people close to an INTJ should thank us for.

This might be a bit narcissistic, I know. It also can be interpreted as being curiously timed (a week before thanksgiving), but rest assured: this was a post that I wanted to do for a while but I hadn’t carried it out. 25hings that the people close to an INTJ should thank us for:

  1. Delayed reactions, especially when they are going to be bad for them.
  2. We listen to you… for the most part.
  3. We don’t judge you… for the most part.
  4. We think before we speak.
  5. We can prevent embarrassment for you at times where you need it. If only you would listen to us more often it could actually work.
  6. We bring catchphrases that are cool and deep at the same time.
  7. We are not with you at all times, so you never have the opportunity to get tired of us.
  8. Putting the effort to make time for you, even if we just want to go home and be by ourselves.
  9. Our perspective.
  10. Our crude humor.
  11. Our restraint.
  12. Our vision for where we can be in a few years.
  13. The peace and calmness that we usually emanate.
  14. Our logic.
  15. The rawness of the emotions that we do show.
  16. The ability to show calmness in the most stressful situations.
  17. Going out of our comfort zone for your sake.
  18. Putting the effort to show you our inner world.
  19. Our accessible to us database.
  20. The fact that we rarely ask prodding questions.
  21. That we tolerate you at times.
  22. That we can be apart for a long time and, unless something changes, the status of what we were remains unchanged.
  23. We analyze you.
  24. We sometimes try to show physical act of affection.
  25. We keep the important secrets.

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