INTJ risktaking.

Introverts are not known for taking risks. That doesn’t mean that Introverts don’t take risks. It just means that the risks are calculated and made in the midst of having stress hormones flowing through our systems. INTJs are no exceptions.

INTJs, or at least this is true with me, take risks with tremendous fear. The fear is not on whether it is the right thing to do, but of the unforeseen consequences of taking those risks. The fear that things will be worse than expected. The fear of being judged so negatively that the risk has the consequences of being like social suicide (or at least that is the meaning that I gave to the social risks that I took in high school).

Every risk that I have taken in life has been made in spite of fear. Things like presenting a new song that I composed, ending human dynamics, choosing a different career path, submitting a proposal to my Pastor, saying the people that are close to me what I think and feel about a particular topic, and many others have been done while have varying degrees of fear and stress.

What sometimes surprises me as an INTJ is that even though I don’t particularly like the idea of taking risks there are certain risks that I am willing to take. It’s like there is a sense of duty and responsibility that motivates me to take certain risks. There is a sense of purpose. There is a need to act so that certain demographics have no excuse to give when they don’t listen to my awesome ideas (somewhat cruel, I know). In deciding to take a risk I realize that acting on something that I think needs to change, even though I know that it will not change anything, is morally better than not doing anything.


Risks are a part of life. INTJs can’t escape that. What we can do is manage the internal reaction to taking risks and choose our risks wisely.


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