Is the INTJ rationality really 100% rational?

My name is Nata, and I’m an INTJ. I found out that I am an INTJ in 2009-2010, yet I have been embodying what being an INTJ means since 2005, at least. Among the things that I have embodied is the INTJ Rationality. I have spent about a decade trying to convince everyone that everything I say and do and think is rational… completely rational.

This is an easy thing to do since I have a high thinking function. I make decisions based on logic… my logic. I strive for my logic to not be biased and to actually work on making good decisions. Doesn’t always work out that way. There are two reasons for that. The first is that having the tools to make logical decisions also have to be accompanied with the knowledge and the skills necessary to be able to make logical decisions. The second reason is that no matter how much effort I make sometimes the basement prisoner that I call my emotions decides to try to get the best of me, clouding my judgement.

There is also a need to consider the possible subjective ideas that work as filters that skews what the “logic” says. Data from past experiences, knowledge obtained from faulty resources, other people’s experiences, faulty self-made perceptions, among others, have pre programmed our mind to think in certain ways that are not logical in nature.

Having this knowledge, I ask myself: Is the INTJ rationality really 100% rational? I want to think so with all of my being, but I can’t say that without thinking that I’m lying. There is no 100% thinking INTJ. Therefore, I don’t think that any INTJ is 100% rational.

Not having the possibility of being 100% rational might be healthy, just like being 100% emotional is viewed as not healthy. What is needed to master is the individually healthy balanced between using logic and emotions to make decisions, view different situations, and understanding others; all without loosing the essence of who we are as people- INTJ or not.


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