When an ESFJ won’t take no for an answer.

Today I was talking today to who I call my father’s partner (my father is straight and married to my mom, but I call this guy his partner because they have a weird bromance going on), when the ESFJ interrupts the conversation to try to give me the lyrics for the song that I had said that I didn’t want to be a part of. My father’s partner wanted to leave out of courtesy, but I reacted by telling him “why is he leaving me alone with her”. He reluctantly decided to stay. The ESFJ kept trying to convince me to stay while I said “no” to her. I even went as far as to ask my father’s partner if there was someone talking to us, but she didn’t seem to get that she was being annoying and that I didn’t want to do the hymn. 30 sec. later, my father’s partner’s wife went to him insisting on leaving. I knew then that I was screwed. She kept insisting ’till I got on my car and left.

Her tactics are not effective on INTJs. They are just perceived by me as annoying. I don’t want to scream at her and put her in her place because I know that it will get me in more trouble than the situation is worth. She slipped the lyrics of the song in my car before I closed the door. My first course of action was to rip the paper and put the ripped pieces on her place at the church. That would be too cruel. I can just put the paper on her seat. The point should be clear, but she’s too… in denial to get that. #peoplesuck


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