Things that pisses an INTJ off.

Things that pisses me, an INTJ, off (At least the ones that I can think of at the moment.).

  1. When people suck.
  2. When the Internet stops working to my standard.
  3. When things don’t go as planned.
  4. When I realize that I suck and there is nothing I can do to change it at the moment.
  5. When people think they have a right to put their hands on me. That’s social assault. I can put you in jail for that?
  6. When people think that my sneezing on them when they greet me with kiss as funny. Don’t they get it that I don’t like strangers getting that close?
  7. When people think that they can treat me a certain way because we have a bond of going to the same church. No we don’t. Go away.
  8. When people think that they have the right to show emotion but can’t handle it when I show emotion. Hypocrite!
  9. When people respond to my thoughts with “Are you crazy?” or “That’s not true.” I’m an INTJ. If I say something it is said because I have passed it through my INTJ logic and it holds up. No, I am not crazy; and yes, I know what I am saying is true and you just either don’t see it or don’t want to admit it.
  10. When people see that a line to get a service is too slow for their standard and they complain about having to wait. You don’t make the line go faster by complaining. All you do is piss the rest of us off because you are elevating our levels of stress by complaining. You suck.
  11. When people try to act like spiritual adults but show that they are still infants… and the church leadership promotes them as leaders anyway. That’s efficient (sarcastic tone)! Why can’t they work with those of us that have become actual spiritual adults? Idiots.
  12. When people try to show that they know more than they actually do repeatedly, even though the data shows that they are still idiots. Shut up, already. Don’t keep confirming that you are still an idiot.
  13. Bullies.
  14. When people believe something about someone else without having the evidence to sustain that belief.
  15. When people react under the belief that I am, think, believe, represent, or do something that is not true… even if the data states otherwise.
  16. Unwarranted rejection.
  17. When someone imposes something that I have expressed that I am not doing.
  18. When people imposes stupid social norms and stereotypes on me as if I should hold them as sacred.
  19. When people assume that something is what’s best for me without taking into account of my actual needs.
  20. Gifts.
  21. Violation of my personal space.
  22. When people say that I am their friend and I haven’t earned it.
  23. When people react as if they have a special standing with me without putting the effort to earn it.
  24. My mind’s uncanny ability to remind me of embarrassing, scary, or horrible things that I have seen or done in my past right before going to bed.
  25. Feeling disrespected without deserving it.
  26. Feeling unappreciated.
  27. Not being valued for who I am and what I offer.
  28. When someone is promoted not for being deserving or capable of it but because someone else likes them over those that actually can do a excellent job at completing a task.
  29. People that deals with the symptoms and not with the problems.
  30. People that imposes their will on you.
  31. Traitors.
  32. Betrayers of trust.
  33. People that are incapable of seeing how seemingly separate circumstances are indicators of a system wide problem, and then question the validity of my logical argument when I tell them that they have a huge problem on their hands that they have to fix.

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