INTJs in seeing someone that they (don’t) know.

There are two ways to interpret the meaning of the title:

  1. There is the people that they are told that they met but INTJs don’t remember.
  2. There are the people that you do know of their existence, but you don’t know well enough to greet them when you see them around.

Both things do happen to me, and both situations are awkward. The first one is awkward because I have to trust that they are telling the truth and it’s just that I can’t recall them in my memory. The second one is awkward because a stupid social code that probably only exist in my mind states that I can’t say hi or even acknowledge the other persons existence because it would be an awkward interaction because there isn’t a significant bond between the other person and I.

These interactions make me anxious because even though I know how to react to them (be honest in the first interpretation and just totally ignore the other person in the second) something in my mind thinks that my course of action is wrong. In this thought process I usually end up freaking out in my mind because I don’t know what the answer to this question is. I can’t think straight with regard to this topic, so I try to focus on other things and just try to calm that reaction down. That always works (sarcastic tone)!

When I think about this, I wonder if I should take time to answer the question and, if necessary, figure out what the best option is. Maybe my reaction is actually normal, and my biased perception that the people around me think that I am always wrong hasn’t been fully changed. I don’t know.


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