What did I do on my mother’s birthday?

Today is my mother’s birthday. To me, it is a day where I try not to think about it. Why? Because, I don’t really have a relationship with her anymore. It’s weird. People at my church try to guilt trip me into wishing her happy birthday. My father jokes about it. I just wish that people stopped making such a big deal about it. Now I know that this is cruel, but I don’t want to put myself in a situation that will cause more damage than good.

Today, I gave my father a ride to his home from a bakery because he was leaving his car with a mechanic to get it checked out. A few hours after that, he calls me to ask if I can take a prescription for my mother with him. I decided to do it because it’s the least that I can do for my mother’s birthday. At one point my mother decided to call. I decided to pick up because it was her birthday. The conversation was short. She just wanted to thank me for the gesture. I decided to wish her a happy birthday when she hung up.

I look to my father and said to him that my church can’t say that I suck because I don’t wish her a happy birthday because when I did she had hung up on me. I don’t expect much from my mother because I learned it as time progressed. I am not pissed off at her. I just find it kinda funny that she hangs up the phone at the one moment where I picked up the courage to do something that goes against my principles of consistency. Oh well. I tried.

Now I am writing this post at Starbucks, enjoying the fact that there are fewer people here because it’s nighttime here.


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