Experimenting with body maintenance.

I said in a previous post about the topic that I don’t do a lot of body maintenance. It’s still true, but after my 25th birthday I reflected on whether I should try to do something to better myself. I made the decision to just try to clean my face of acne and blackheads. No one was pressuring me to do so, which meant that my decision was my own. It was a small thing that had the advantage of being reversible, because blackheads “grow back” and new acne forms. I wanted to see how I felt, without biases.

So far, my face has felt cleaner and my blackheads have been going away. The problem that I’m having is that my face is putting up a fight against the acne and blackheads. My blackheads aren’t completely gone and I have localized acne on my chin and the sides of my face. Oh well!

Qualitatively speaking, I have felt cleaner. I also felt that my nose is more exposed and smooth feeling.

I guess that I just have to be patient. Face cleaning might be like certain medications that take months to have the full effect.


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