INTJ + jokes = pseudo extroversion?

So last night I got a message from someone on Okcupid (yes, I am a member on this site but I only joined to entertain myself with the stupid tests). Usually, the conversations are filled with pseudo small talk: we ask information about each other in a small talk format. The way that I deal with this awkward situation is by making jokes when it’s appropriate. This is a double edge sword because sometimes jokes doesn’t translate well through written language, even with the proper use of emojis. Other times it works out perfectly and the other person thinks that you are awesome (at least that is what they write).

What surprised me about last night’s conversation is that the other person thought that I was more outgoing. I had to tell him that I was more introverted than the conversation let on. It was interesting to see how telling jokes made me seem… extroverted, or at least someone comfortable talking to a stranger from Okcupid. Probably has to do with the fact that the conversation is with the profile picture than with the actual person. I can put on them whatever personality trait I want and then test it out in the form of a joke. It’s a cool and somewhat cruel psychology experiment.

Last night wasn’t the first time where my sense of humor caused a good impression. Ever since I honed the comedy skill back in my high school and college days, I have won dozens of people with my sense of humor. It seems that because of my sense of humor I become a pseudo extrovert.


One thought on “INTJ + jokes = pseudo extroversion?

  1. Maybe it’s a sampling bias… The people most likely to express a sense of humour openly are extroverts, ergo humour = extrovert. Though sometimes humour comes into play when an introvert is trying to appear to be a “normal” person. You can seem approachable but still keep some distance.


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