“I Wonder…”

“I wonder…”: That is such a good start to any philosophical debate that goes on in my mind. INTJs wonder… a lot. No topic is off limit. Everything from the beauty of nature to deep philosophical topics is scrutinized in my brain.

“I wonder…” It’s an indicator of the start of the pursuit of knowledge. It’s an indicator of  the consciousness of the need to know something, of the humbleness of a person. Someone who thinks that they know everything they need to know doesn’t wonder. “I wonder” is a phrase that induces a series of actions that goes beyond formal education and is powered by a drive that surpasses the acquisition of a tittle. What is learned, at times, is more valuable than what is learned in some formal education courses (no offense, it’s all a matter of subjective value).

As a Christian, a lot of my prayers start with this phrase, especially the ones that happen during the night when formality is not as necessary. It’s the start of many of the lessons that I have learned from God in recent years.

Wonder. It’s healthy as long as you use it well. Sometimes to get something done wonder has to be put in the back-burner. But that’s ok, because in God there is time for everything… well, not everything.

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