Common cold.

Last week I did paid voluntary work for the Puerto Rican Professional Counselor’s Association. What did I get paid, exactly? Well, not only did I get paid with cash, but I also got the common cold. That wasn’t expected! I thought that I was home free from getting the cold when the month of September passed and I didn’t get sick. But three days of constant human contact and at least two incubation days later and, voila, common cold.

Thankfully, God heard and answered my prayer to have a shorter time with the cold. I know this because I usually get a really bad sore throat for at least 48 hours and I only got it for 24. Hopefully, the cold doesn’t last for more than seven days.

In the meantime, I have to keep working. Working on my website (and this blog) and on a part time job that I have had for more than a year. I also have to keep a roll of paper towel for my runny nose and cough drops for the cough that I am trying to avoid.


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