Assume your position, no more excuses: passing the baton.

This was my church’s Missionary Week slogan. The topic of the week was “Assume your position, no more excuses”. The image that was used was the passing of the baton in a relay race.

This is very interesting to me, because it’s something that not many people in my church does. It’s also something that most don’t know how to do. One thing that I perceived as I analyzed the content was that there were two main topics that gave two different yet maybe interrelated ideas: Assume your position without giving excuses, even if that position is the one of giving up to someone you trust the baton that you currently have. I am not sure whether this idea was transmitted or not, but I will assume that the message didn’t get through because of the implications for more than 75% of the church leadership.

It felt to me, though this statement could be biased, that there were preachers that could preach this topic because they did it themselves first, but other’s preached without having no idea how to put it into practice. This in my mind decreased the credibility of the message transmitted.

What I always perceive is that Missionary week is more of a emotion-provoking week than anything else. For a analytical and critical mind like mine, I always get left with the after thought of “Now what am I going to do with this data?”. There is never any action plan for after the Missionary Week’s sermons.

As an INTJ, I analyze everything. I also need to find a way to take action: like writing this blog post, for example. I think that there needs to be a more practical church-based talk about how to put what was learned in this past week into practice. I also think that there needs to be sermons about the affect aspect of passing the baton. The idea needs to be sold as a positive and healthy thing for the individual Christian and for the Church as a collective.

It would be a shame if this idea stays an idea, like many others do. Just because the week is over, doesn’t mean that the topic has been covered as extensively as it should.

I should do something; I should say something. I don’t necessarily know how to do it in order to be effective. I can’t just know that there are things to be covered in the discussion of the topic that need to be transmitted to the church and stay silent because of where I stand in the church.


2 thoughts on “Assume your position, no more excuses: passing the baton.

  1. José

    Your point is very interesting; What do I do with this data? First of all, you can’t give what you don’t have. Therefore, in passing the baton, you have to have a relation with God in such a way (or degree) that you are transform, not in a visible manner (clothing, ear-rings or any other visible knick-knack) but in a way that your character is a reflection of God and His will. Then, and only then, will you have something worthy of passing on to others.


  2. I have been thinking about this for a while and I have the substance of the idea in my mind that this topic is more complicated than anyone can imagine. I just haven’t been able to formalize the idea into a thing a beauty.


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