When God decides to teach what’s it like on the other side.

So I have made several blogs comparing what I was like in my adolescence and what I’m like as an adult. Because of yesterdays phone call with the teenager, I have realized that God might be instigating experiences with adolescents that mirror those that I provoked with the adults of my day when I was their age. It feels like a test, a test of endurance, patience, tolerance, and a test of whether I will react better than the adults of my adolescence.

Before yesterday’s phone call, I did get another one of these tests back in 2011 when I was tested in my transition between a “simple young person” (simple joven) to a adult, a young adult. This test I did pass, given the fact that God confirmed my adulthood and that the adolescent stopped this behavior after that day (thank God).

Now, I’m the adult on a type of interaction where I used to be the adolescent. It feels weird, but I guess this was going to be inevitable. My being is trying to cause friction, because I know that these interactions will put me in uncomfortable situations that my selfish side wants to avoid. My rational mind knows that these are the situations that will make me grow as a person and as a Christian. They are also the situations that are necessary to endure to get closer to accomplishing that which I was called to do.

I just have to be aware that it’s not just for my benefit, but that the lives of those kids will be better from interacting with me. I know what it’s like to be in their side, and what is needed to ensure that they are satisfied with the interactions so that they don’t have to seek it through other, maybe less healthy means.

In conclusion, I know that God’s tests are meant for passing, so that gives me some comfort. I can pass them, I just have to figure out what the test is and how to answer them.


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