New Website.

I have been trying to create a health education website for close to 5 months now. After trying a web host and not being able to publish, I decided to try Sitebuilder because I saw a review that Sitebuilder was the best. After trying to transfer a domain name from the web host unsuccessfully, I decided to go with a domain name created with Sitebuilder. Now, I have successfully created and publish a website: This site has the purpose of providing health information using health education tactics. This site has three content-based sections:

  1. “Health Education information”: where models, theories, strategies, and planning, administration, and evaluation in health education are discussed.
  2. “Health topics”: where general health topics are discussed
  3. “Health Education in the Bible”: where I take the theory that I discuss in the Health Education section and show cases in the Bible where the theory can be applied successfully.

If anyone wants to check it out, here is the link: I do have to warn that the content is in Spanish, because the primary audience is a Spanish speaking audience.


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