When the leader of a church reunion makes a mistake, and the INTJ consequence.

Yesterday, the Youth Group Director, who was put in charge of organizing the devotionals and special song performances made me endure a reunion that had the purpose of informing the participants what was going to happen with the music and song singing part of the biggest week of the year in my church: Mission Week. I was anxious. There was a lot of noise around me and that cut away at my concentration. I know that the devotional rehearsals are not supposed to happen on the General Rehearsal on Saturday so as to be efficient (right. I don’t believe that). I also know that Saturday will be a long day for me. Other than that, I wasn’t paying much attention to the “important stuff”.

The Youth group leader says near the end of this torturous reunion that we should try to say to the other people who have to rehearse on the General Rehearsal that they should get there on time so as to not have to stay until late like in past years. When I heard that, I reflected to my father what was said, to which he responded by saying what she intended to say: “we should tell the others to try to get there on time…”.

Another fellow musician overheard it and ended up laughing at the mistake. This caused the Youth Group Director to ask us what was so funny, believing that it was an inside joke. I, who have no shame whatsoever, told her that we were laughing at the fact that she said that we should try to tell the others to get there on time. My father said the correct statement, complementing my comment perfectly. Her facial expression was priceless. It was a shameful smile. An “I can’t believe that they did that” mixed with “I am such an idiot” statement done via her facial expression.

After that brief moment, she tried to smooth things out and then ended the reunion… but her mistake lives on. Now, as a good little Christian INTJ, I have and will keep trying to reminder that she should try to tell people to get to a specific activity (not just this rehearsal) on time.


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