When an INTJ encounters loud obnoxious kids at Starbucks.

NOOOOOOO! This is my reaction. I also become tense, anxious, and lack concentration to do things other than dealing with loud kids.

I know that adults can become loud at Starbucks, but the reason why I go to Starbucks and not Subway because Starbucks is more quiet. Tonight is not that night for silence, which sucks for me. I am trying to endure this because I want to get work done. This is so distracting. It doesn’t help that one of the kids keeps trying to hide between me and the wall and keeps bumping into my butt. Not cool!

I am desperate. I want to leave and go home to my serenity. One would think that a coffee place would be quieter during the night. Nope!

I don’t want to have to raise the volume of the videos I’m seeing on my tablet, but loud kids… and adults make me.


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