Do INTJs have high confidence?

INTJs are among the most confident personalities, or so the INTJ descriptions that I have read says.

I am confident about the things that I know that I can do well. With other things, my lack of confidence shows. Confidence is task-based, not a quality that is shown in all aspects of life. This makes me wonder, do INTJs have the most confidence? Or is the idea that every INTJ description is trying to express is something else entirely?

What if INTJs are not the most confident, but the personality type with the healthiest self-efficacy? What if we INTJs appear to be the “most confident” type because we know how far to go with each topic?

If this is true, then INTJs are not the most confident types. We are the type with the healthiest self-efficacy.


One thought on “Do INTJs have high confidence?

  1. I am not sure about whether we are the most confident type because I yet to see a study showing such conclusion. But one thing I can say is my confidence has only two values : either 100 % or 0 %. It’s all or nothing. There is no half measure. Either I know something or I don’t know. There is not much room for “may be” thinking. I hope you get the point.

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