Body Maintenance and Attractiveness.

My body… well… it doesn’t get the best treatment. My confidence has never really been based on how I look, but on how I feel in my mind.

I currently am overweight, have had blackheads and zits on my face, I don’t take care of my eyebrows (which hides a mole [lunar]) that’s above my eye, my lips are chapped and I let it be, among other things. I dress mainly to be comfortable and to feel cool, which I try to make sure that it isn’t that pleasant to look at. I am low maintenance person. I don’t see the reason to do things to my body that are painful and make me feel that I’m wearing a mask for other people’s benefit.

I am still able to attract other people, for some bizarre reason. I don’t understand that completely. I assume that the source of my confidence and the passion exerted in my music ministry is part of the reason for being perceived as attractive… even though I don’t really try to be. I guess that means that genetics are really powerful… or other people are blind.


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