I don’t draw like a professional artist, by any means. Yet I use drawing to express an idea in my mind that will be better shown with drawing than with words. I am not ashamed to say that I use the fresh paint app on my tablet on most church services, and most of the paintings are done using stick figures. I listen to a sermon or class and draw whatever comes to mind. The paintings are funny depictions of what I hear.

Recently, I saw a ted talk titled “Why people believe that they can’t draw- and how to prove they can.” by Graham Shaw. I was intrigued by the way it was given, because it was based on application and not on theory. Today I decided to learn the techniques taught at the talk by drawing it out. I still don’t have the technique down, but it provides a different perspective to draw sermon pictures without using stick figures.

My thoughts on drawing is that it is not about how “well” you can draw. It is about figuring out what type of drawing technique works for you and how to use it in the most efficient manner to carry your message.


3 thoughts on “Drawing

    1. I use drawing as a mechanism to release the energy that is exerted when a thought comes to my head in the form of an image. Pictionary involve loud people trying to guess what one person is drawing. The loud people drain my energy… so no, I am not particularly fond of Pictionary. 🙂


      1. You don’t HAVE to be loud. People just get loud because they feel a need to compete. If you play with one or two others, it’s not so loud.

        But, in essence, Pictionary is a means of turning words or thoughts into images with the hopes of conveying a message to someone else. It’s a lesson in communication with pictographs.

        Hmm. You have issues with loud people. Could this be an astrological factor? Or, relative to your INTJ situation? Maybe you are just so accustom to quiet that any disturbance upsets your system.


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