INTJ reactions to being told that they are wrong.

As an INTJ, I am slow to speak and fast to stay quiet. When I do speak, it’s because I am certain that I’m right.

Most of the time I am told that I’m wrong is because people categorize what I say as wrong because what I have said is not what they want to hear. I know that in my mind I’m still right; the problem is that the other person sucks.

There are times that I am told that an answer is wrong because another answer is better. This doesn’t happen often, especially when it is a topic of expertise. This still doesn’t make me wrong. My answer is still plausible, just not efficient.

As a high reactive introvert, I tend to feel intense shame and doubt when told that I am wrong. This is why I try to avoid it. When I can’t, I have to see whether I am wrong or whether the other person sucks. Realizing that the other person sucks makes the biological reaction to being told I’m wrong go away.


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