Ringtones are something that I think about on the following moments.

  1. When I am setting the ringtone on my phone.
  2. When a phone rings at a “inappropriate” time.
  3. While doing this blog (duh!).

I have a iPhone 5 that’s close to 3 years old (which is 60 in phone years… or human years, I don’t know how this works). I have had the same ringtone ever since I set it up back in 2012: Motorcycle.I like it. It’s different. It’s more me. It always gets a laugh from people when they hear it for the first time. The downside is that it’s on the soft side. Oh well, not everything can be perfect.

The most heard ringtone for me is the default ringtone that phone companies come up with, like the AT&T default ringtone. To me, it shows laziness or a lack of consciousness that many other people will have the same ringtone. I know that choosing a ringtone is a tense and somewhat noisy process, but there are at least 20 ringtones in your phone. If the default isn’t totally you, don’t be afraid to explore.

Some people have songs as ringtones. Using a song from your music collection is indeed creative. You will get noticed. People will smile when your phone rings. In my church, when I hear a phone ring with a Christian song I just want to jokingly raise my hands as if I’m joining in the “phone praise”.

Using songs as ringtones is also a process that takes time to accomplish because you have to upload the song to your phone and then set it up as a ringtone. If you are up for it, more power to you.

I am a high reactive musician, so I do notice ringtones. I want to actively listen and absorb as much of the sound as possible. There is something about unusual ringtones that makes me smile. It’s a indicator of a level of non-conformity with the default.


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