INTJ conversion of external stimuli to mental pictures… to paintings.

segunda circuncision en masa

This painting is an example of what the tittle implies. I painted this using the Fresh Paint App on my Tablet on March 18 of this year during a Sunday School teacher’s class. The topic discussed was the second mass circumcision that happened in mount Gilgal in Joshua chapter 5. When this text of the Bible was discussed, I immediately thought of what would it have looked like. This painting was the image that formed in my head.

This painting is my father in probation’s favorite, to the point where he posted it on one of his display walls (which grosses people out when they hear the explanation of what the painting is). I look at it months later and I laugh with amazement of my genius*. I also react with awe at the complexity of the process from external stimuli to creativity synapse to painted manifestation.

I asume it’s an INTJness thing, because no one else in my church has thought that it was a good and fashionable idea to paint the sermons and classes in the church.  It give a new (and funny) perspective to Bible concepts.


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