INTJ interactions with the Sunday School teacher.

My Sunday School teacher has only been in the class since January. He is not a bad teacher, he just needs to improve on certain things to become better.

The class is composed of mostly young people that don’t have more that 5 years in the class. Since I have been in the class since 2007 (8+ years), that makes me one of the elders of the class. I’m the second oldest in spiritual years; second only to the Director of the Youth Group.

Recently, the Sunday School teacher felt that it was right to start asking me questions in class. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if the questions needed an analytical mind, but the questions have the intention to serve as a validation to his point: somewhat beneath my pay grade. I’m an INTJ, for God’s sakes. A question like “Is God a merciful God?” doesn’t require analytical skills. Anyone with a basic understanding of the Bible can answer that. I don’t see why I have to be asked that type of question.

It doesn’t help that I have this resistance to it, because I try to answer in such a way that it throws the teacher off its game.

About two weeks ago, he asked me what did Abraham (or Abram) responded when God told him to sacrifice Isaac. I said: “Nothing”. He looked at me kinda funny and asked why I said that. I stated that Abraham didn’t answer anything, he just acted according to the command. It was a response of genius, genius I tell you. 😉

When I think of these situations like these, it makes me wonder what goes on in his head that he asks me these questions. It could be that he wants to validate his point, so he asks close ended questions to do so. It could also be that he is treating me as a wise one in the class, which would be a cool status to have. I don’t know. I should ask, though. Then I would know whether my reaction is warranted or not. I probably will keep trying to throw him off his game because it’s fun (and cruel), but I know that at some point I should start to react as the elder one in the class.


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