Buscándole las 5 patas al gato. (Finding the 5 legs on the cat.)

Disclaimer: I don’t remember if I wrote about this before in this blog. If I have, then screw it you will just have to read about it again.

The phrase in the tittle is a Puerto Rican saying that means to look for something that isn’t there. This is something that I have been accused of doing in my church, because I try to find the truth that the preacher and Sunday School teacher hasn’t provided. This has been told to me with a negative connotation meaning: “shut up, you are ruining my argument”.

I knew in my mind that I had something innovative that was biblical and needed to be shared with others, but the church leadership made me believe that it wasn’t biblical and that I should shut up and learn. What words for a Christian to hear. This was an attack on everything that I believe and stand for. So for about 9 years, I felt that my way of thinking and seeking biblical truths were considered to be non-biblical and stepping outside of doctrine. I kept my analysis hidden from everyone, especially these people.

Some time ago, no more that a year, I was thinking about church things and I started to think about when the youth group leaders said that I should stop trying to find the 5 legs on the cat. As a Biologist, I know that the only way a cat has 5 legs is by a mutation in it’s genetic material. If I applied it to the church, then this phrase can only be applied to people who add external things to biblical doctrine as if it were biblical doctrine. When I became aware of this truth, I compared that to my analysis and concluded that I wasn’t looking for the five legs on the cat. I realized that what I was doing was taking the normal, 4 legged cat, changing its position (or dissect it), and presenting it to the world the conclusions of my analysis of this new perspective. I came to understand that I wasn’t going against biblical doctrine and that the leaders were wrong. This empowered me to keep going… and to label those people as idiots (as any INTJ does in situations like these).

For them, it is convenient to shut me up because it makes their class easier and they can display the church’s point more effectively. In reality, they are causing everyone to miss out on the blessing that is the knowledge of a different perspective on biblical doctrine.


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