Wanting to shut people up.

At times, I want to explode. I want to shut up the people around me. Why? Because they suck… I wish. Reality is that most of the time it is because people around me are doing more noise than I can bear and I have no control over the situation. I want to shut people up because of the anxiety a particular situation that they are causing (for the most part) gives me. A kid that’s being unnecessarily noisy, a superior that is making something more stressful than it should be, someone that thinks they are ok but are really sucky people, among others.

Selfish, I know. Thankfully, I have a slow to anger, high on mercy mentality and this nature is kept inside.

Sometimes, though, I really want to go against my nature (I don’t know whether it’s a innate or learned nature) and just show them the nature of my anger, what I truly think about them. How much more stressed they make my day. How inconsiderate and selfish they are on these moments (though I do admit that I am biased and selfish myself).


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