INTJness clothing style.

The one thing that has changed since I entered college is my clothing style. Part of this is due to the fact that I didn’t get the liberty to explore what my clothing style is until I entered college and I was able to shop for clothes by myself. This is a big deal in my life, because like with other things in life, I had a theory of what I wanted my clothing style to be. There were two problems that I had in following through on this theory:

  1. When I went shopping for clothes with other people (family, peers and the like), they would suggest things that I didn’t like and I didn’t have the backbone to say no. This also tended to happen against my desires to shop alone without this pressure of buying a style of clothing that wasn’t my own.
  2. I always had the feeling that my theory wouldn’t translate well into practice.

My clothing style has always been… I don’t know. Restrictive isn’t the right word, but it’s one that came up. This adjective is used by some people to express that I stick to a particular style of clothing. The fact is that there aren’t many things that I can wear that fits my particular desired style.

I can give details of what my clothing style is, but that is too inefficient. Instead, I will type some general rules of thumb that I have always followed when establishing my theory and practice in the development of my particular clothing style. My criteria for my desired style are:

  1. I have to look cool.
  2. I have to feel cool.
  3. It has to cover the parts of me that I want to cover.
  4. I can’t be constantly conscious of my actions when wearing said clothes.
  5. I have to be able to move freely with them.

Regardless of what I’m trying at a particular moment, this is what I strive to accomplish. In the past, this was a lot harder because I wasn’t fully developed and I wasn’t really free to explore (kinda hard to really explore when living with other people and being pressured by them to adopt their particular style). Now that those things are not present, I have been able to mold myself into what I want: adopt the clothing style that is right for me.


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