Compartmentalization as a Christian INTJ.

There is this idea in church that one is supposed to be the same inside and outside of the church. This is a daunting idea for me because I can’t help but compartmentalize my life between church, academics (which I no longer have), family, professional (which I still don’t have), and other. I react differently in each of these areas. As an INTJ I try to make sure that my life in the different areas are 90% separate and that the people with whom I interact with on one sphere don’t interact with me on another. I want to have the freedom to live my life without human judgement; without having to explain the differences in the way I dress or act or portray myself. Yet I am made to feel guilty because I am not living the Christian way of life.

If I use the onion analogy to describe human nature taught to me by Dr. Pedro Subirats, I can say that the Christian idea discussed above might not be accurate. What if the idea of being the same in all environments is actually detrimental to Christian health? I have always wondered how can people carry this belief out. It must be very restricting to do so.

I think that something should be manifested in all spheres of my life, but not all. Other than the Christian testimony and my innate personality, everything else should be malleable based on circumstances. This would be the healthy realistically based route, right?


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