When a peacemaker intended text gets taken as a joke… just because it has your name on it.

Yesterday I was doing things on my tablet, when I read a conversation between the Youth Group Director and the Juveniles Coordinator on a prayer group that I was put in on Whatsapp (still don’t know why) about the Director’s cancer recovery progress, when at one point they were wondering whether iodine in Spanish was written Yodo or Iodo. I decided to put my Biologist voice there by answering the question. So I did what any Biologist does and look for the answer on Google ;). What I found on Wikipedia (the best resource in the world*) was that both words are valid. So I decided to be a peace-maker and texted a picture of the Iodine Spanish wiki and stated that they were both right… according to Wikipedia.

My intention was to be a peace-maker and relieve the itch that might have been going on in their minds from the unanswered question. Everyone else took it as a joke, even though there were no emojis and I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Apparently my name is enough to make people think that I was joking. The response was laughter by two people on the group. The Youth Group Director showed that she was pissed off that I had made a joke about that situation and said that the group was serious and that if someone (me) wanted to make a joke that they (I) should do it to her personally.

This pissed me off. The first thing that I have to say about it is that, as an INTJ, I don’t make most mistakes twice. I had already joked about something in this group and got negative feedback by the administrator. So I wasn’t going to text in this group unless what I had to say was actually contributing to the conversation. Apparently they suck and don’t get this idea. Second of all, they think that I’m not capable of being serious on something. I’m not that insensitive to other peoples struggles to make a joke about the Director’s battle with cancer. Her reaction is an indicator of how crappy of a person she thinks that I am. Finally, I can write a text, be taken as a joke, and be reprimanded for it; someone else does the same thing (which the Juveniles Coordinator kinda did) and she gets nothing. That is not fair and is discriminatory in nature.

I wanted to text back and put her in her place: show her that she is being stupid. I didn’t because I didn’t want to react while emotionally charged. If I did, the reaction would have been horrible because rationality diminishes in quality when emotions are involved, and I can’t communicate effectively when I’m pissed off. Besides, the Director has shown that she is not really worth my energy and my time.


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