INTJ Comedy.

I discovered the value of comedy when I was 16 after seeing Whose Line is it Anyways video on YouTube. I was fascinated by how Colin Mochrie skillfully said and/or acted out witty and funny things that made the other comedians laugh.

I loved the idea of using your intellect and witt to make other people laugh. It gave me the illusion of control over other people’s emotions. It also gave me a tool to break the ice in social situations. I thought it was worthy of adoption and I watched as many of those videos as I could to adopt the improv comedy mentality in my daily life. I would use everyone around me as victims of my self administered comedic training (poor world).

Over the years, the training has worked (and the world praised the Lord on that fateful day when my comedy no longer sucked… as badly). I have evolved as a person and the quality of my jokes are higher, or at least that’s what the feedback shows. I also discovered that there was a more genetic predisposition for everyday comedy in my family since my father, my brother, and I have the same type of sense of humor.

The thing about INTJ comedy is that, even though it is used to break the ice with a stranger (and acquaintances alike), the real nature of the sarcastic black humor, sometimes insult humor type comedy is only seen by people that INTJs sees as trustworthy (Sorry, world). One can say that INTJ comedy is like George Carlin’s (who is another comedian that I admire because of his articulate intellectual humor, though he rarely makes me laugh) FM & AM record: FM was the newly developed out of the comedic norm type of comic routine and AM was the mainstream material Carlin used to do.

INTJ Comedy is like everything else in INTJ life: there is a side that we let everyone see, there is a side that we let only a few see, and there are things that just shouldn’t see the light of day.


One thought on “INTJ Comedy.

  1. Have you heard of a game called “Cards Against Humanity”? It’s like “Apples to Apples”, but for terrible people. Oddly enough, I’ve won every game I’ve played of it by horrifying the people I was playing with. It’s like I knew which card that would elicit the biggest response from the group. I feel kind of dirty playing it as a Christian, but I love seeing the shocked look on my companions’ faces when I played an awful card. It might be similar to this. 😛


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