How many male parent’s do I have?

Weird question, I know. But given my somewhat new social circle that is older male dominated, it’s somewhat important for me to categorize where they fit in my mind to diminish confusion and tension. I also need to make sure that they all fit in their unique ecological niche so as to not think that they are useless or not necessary (it’s a not only an INTJ thing).

Biologically speaking, I have one male parent (duh!). In terms of how many people I identify as a male parent in my head, there are more than one. In Spanish, there is more than the two terms in English to call a male parent: father and dad… and daddy, as I just found in google translate. The terms in Spanish are Padre, Papá and Papi.

Given this fact, I was under the idea that I could only have a maximum of three male parents. I have three male parents… ish. God, my Heavenly Father, is Padre; my biological father is Papi; and the church treasurer is Papá (The tittle has been given as a joke by my church’s day workers because of the human dynamic that I have with him).

I was content with this idea until last year when a minister from my church started to sow the idea of walking into the role of adoptive father. This caused internal conflict because all of the names for male parent were taken (and I wasn’t going to demote one of them to put him there, not without earning it at least). I know that this is somewhat stupid, but in my mind that caused tension. This was until last week when I gave this minister of my church the tittle of “Padre en probatoria” (Father on probation). I was surprised that this came out of my mouth and I didn’t really question it afterwards. This was key, as I didn’t think it was a lie as it was consistent with the actual state of the dynamic. I think that the minister has potential to be approved as a male parent, but for now this is where my mind shows comfort in putting him.

So having gone through the thought process described above, I present the question again: How many male parent’s do I have? The answer is four… ish.


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