What I’m (not) sorry for.

I just read this blog: https://roseraqs.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/ten-random-facts-jun-16-2011/. I thought it was a cool idea to do my own version of it: What I’m (not) sorry for.

  1. I’m (not) sorry for not wanting to hang out with you. You are sometimes annoying and draining me out. I also think that you are superficial. If you have shown that you are not worth my time, either by something that you did or an impression that you gave, I will not willingly and happily hang out with you.
  2. I’m (not) sorry for not showing how I truly feel. Not my fault. It’s a part of my INTJ nature. For most people those three centimeters between the brain an the mouth isn’t an obstacle to show how they feel. For me, they make the difference between saying something right and saying something wrong. When it comes to physical actions, I just can’t seem to muster the ridiculous activation energy that I need to exert to show feelings. If I don’t show feelings and you get offended, that’s on you. On the other hand, It takes a really long time for me to warm up to you and be comfortable in showing how I feel. If you ever have doubts, ask yourself this question: Am I willingly hanging out with you and seeking to be with you? If the answer is yes, then you good… for now. If the answer is no or in moderation, then you not good.
  3. I’m (not) sorry for treating you as if you are dumber than me. You probably are. You might just not know it yet.
  4. I’m (not) sorry for disappearing on you. My mind just gave me the alarm that tells me that my batteries are dying. See ya!
  5. I’m (not) sorry for talking as an expert. On the topics that I do talk about, I am an expert.
  6. I’m (not) sorry for my Death Stare. I only have one screen saver programmed in my mind. This is it. Deal with it!
  7. I’m (not) sorry for not telling you that you suck and allowing you to burst into flames. The most probable reason for it is that you are not worth “saving” in my mind and I just find it better fitting to allow you to screw up. If you had gotten on my good side I would have question the goodness of your actions (at least).
  8. I’m (not) sorry for holding back. It’s for everyone’s benefit.
  9. I’m (not) sorry for my quirkiness. It’s my way of surviving in a world of people like you.
  10. I’m (not) sorry for being honest in my feedback. I will not lie. I will not sugar coat (sugar is not healthy, anyway). I will not hold back to protect your feelings. You don’t hold back with me, so why should I hold back with you?
  11. I’m (not) sorry for not taking your authority seriously at times. It means that you are not worthy of my respect because you did something wrong. It’s your fault, not mine. Fix yourself.
  12. I’m (not) sorry for zoning out. You are competing with my mind… and you lost. Not my problem.
  13. I’m (not) sorry for trying to stick with my plans. They are probably better than yours anyway.
  14. I’m (not) sorry for placing high standards on you if I see that you are worth it. If you are offended by this, then you are not worth being with me. You are being unappreciative of the opportunities that I’m giving you. This one’s on you. Not me. Deal with it. Fix yourself.
  15. I’m (not) sorry for being different than you, and not showing signs of change. It’s called human diversity. It’s called being an INTJ. It’s called being the person that God created me to be. If you are offended, annoyed, or angry/frustrated by this fact, then this is an indicator that your attitude towards me is wrong. You are missing out. You are screwing yourself out of a good thing. You are also being a pain in the ass to me.

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