The INTJ Disbelief Stare.

In the last post I spoke about a reaction that I had to seeing an act of stupidity in the flesh: the Disbelief Stare.

What is the Disbelief Stare? It’s a expression in my face when I encounter an act stupidity, an act of inconsideration, a douchebag move, etc. It’s the “I can’t believe that you did x” face. It’s my silent response to encountering something absurdly wrong.

As an INTJ, the first reaction to any stimulus, good or bad, happens in our minds. So just because we might give you a Disbelief Stare doesn’t mean we have nothing to say to you with regards to what you did. It just means that the more vocal response isn’t being physically blurted out. You still suck. You still screwed up. Your still an idiot. It’s just that your wrong was so huge that we can’t believe that someone is capable of wrong at that magnitude.

How to react to the Disbelief Stare? Don’t mock it. Don’t invalidate it. Don’t think that you’re ok because nothing came out of our mouths. Instead, understand that the Disbelief Stare is an indicator that you royally screwed up. Ask what did you just do that was so wrong. We will probably not answer at the moment, but at least you will show us that you are not dismissive of our reaction towards you. Don’t push the reaction out of us… you will be sorry if you do (so will we, but it will be mainly your fault).


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