Not feeling that your are spiritually healthy.

I wonder why I always seem to feel that I am not as healthy spiritually speaking as I should be. I’m not a saint, by any means. But it can’t be that at almost 12 years as a Christian my health is as crappy as ever.

Since I became a spiritual adult, though, I have noticed that people both young and old have communicated explicitly or implicitly that I am cool enough and worthy enough to be considered as someone worth imitating and learning from. Even more shocking is to hear that I am considered to be the healthiest youth group member. It feels weird, to receive this information. It conflicts with the data that says that I am too young, incapable, with low status, quiet, reserved, and don’t have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

After analyzing this subject, I have come to have this perception that the thought of being spiritually unhealthy is a product of my church’s youth group seemingly promoting one model or manifestation of Christianity over others: my manifestation of Christianity doesn’t make the cut. It’s a shame really, because it is my manifestation of Christianity that is attracting many people in my church to talk to me over many of the leaders that are above me today. Why can’t there be space in the public discussion for the promotion and acceptance of the different God-approved healthy manifestations of Christian life?


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