Ministry Goals.

I like setting goals. If done under with sufficient knowledge, the right attitude, and with the necessary skill-set, they provide direction and an idea of what I want. It gives me a sense of purpose and something to fight for. In my Christian walk I set goals of what I want to accomplish as a Christian and in ministry.

When I was around 15, I asked myself what I wanted to do in ministry and the answer that came to mind was teaching a gentleman’s class (this was before music). I knew that this goal might actually be unattainable, so I buried it for years, until God provoked it to come be brought to my attention.

Being a musician in my church wasn’t a goal or a prayer. Learning how to play the instruments was. God called me to the music ministry when I was 18, two years after I started to fool around with music as a teen (I took piano classes as a kid). A year into music ministry I went through a God guided intellectual process where I established the goals that I currently have as a musician (which were discussed on another post).

Since 2012, when the teaching goal I had buried came out, I started going through a intellectual process, again guided by God, to determine what I wanted to do outside of music. The conclusion of this analysis are the following:

  1. I want to teach. The goal never vanished, it was just modified a little to include a youth class. It’s the ideal place to apply that which I learned in my master’s degree. I believe that I have what it takes to do this task regularly. I have done it before under specific circumstances, but my church still doesn’t think of me as a worthy candidate.
  2. I want to preach the word in churches. Typical, I know. I don’t want to be like other preachers that are screamers with sermons that bring messages that might not appear deep. I want to be “my own kind” of preacher. I want to be a more practical with deeper, perspective changing sermons. I want to be preach in the style of the still small voice Elijah heard in Mount Horeb.
  3. I want to be an administrative leader. I know that because of the music ministry I can’t have a more public type of leadership that non-musicians have, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be a leader. I know that I have that in me and I have demonstrated this potential in the past. I just need the right environment (including the one in my mind).
  4. I want to work with the male geriatric population. I have seen the potential for me in this demographic and those that have taken the risk have been blessed by what they think I have to offer.
  5. I want to have a opportunity of being the Youth Group Director of my church. I think that I can do a good job and be of benefit to youth, I know that theory and practice always differs, but I want to find that out first hand. Who knows? Maybe God will use me as a catalyst for a new Youth Group era that is healthier and more united than the era my church is now.
  6. I can’t say that this is a real goal because this came up recently and I haven’t had the chance to analyze it yet. I like the idea of using the Internet to share what God has given me. I have thought of doing YouTube videos or writing it on a website, but I am still in pre-contemplation on this goal. It would be a good place to start because I can do it on my own… and I get to be my introverted self and not interact with anyone. 😉

I think that speaking up tends to cause more problems than solve them. Usually I keep my goals silent to ensure that I’m not judged harshly by others. Also, I know that at least 5% of my goals are rubbish and shouldn’t see the light of day. I am currently in a process of preparation of something that I know is huge but I can’t imagine (nor do I really want to because I’ll get it wrong). Having ministry goals that are based in what God made me to be is not to restrict God because my mind is finite, but it is to have an idea of what could be and gear my preparation towards it. Doing this blog post puts in writing. Doing a blog about this topic can also benefit someone who needs to read this type of information.


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