Defining prayer life: INTJ style.

When asked about my prayer life, I have a hard time answering. It’s not that I don’t have one, it’s just that it doesn’t happen as it is sold in the church that it should be. Praying on my knees with my eyes closed is a recipe for a crappy prayer. 95% of prayers done in the conventional prayer format are crappy prayers because I get distracted easily. It happens, I’m a Christian INTJ (it’s actually common among other personalities, but whatever).

I have found that most of my most life defining prayers happen under different circumstances. Therefore, for me, praying in church is just a formality to keep other’s at bay (though at times I do it because I want to present myself to the Lord before I give my musical sacrifice to God). I prefer to speak to God when no one is around, when there is absolute silence and I can think and transmit my ideas clearly.

The fact is that God rarely speaks to me in the church when I pray. He usually does so in my home or in my car, when I’m alone. That is when I speak to God, and God speaks to me. That’s when all of God’s teaching moments happen. I don’t get messages from God from formal prayer either. I get them as “aha moments” when I analyze a particular topic. God uses my INTJness to speak to me efficiently.

Given this information, what is my prayer life? It’s a constant monitoring of the “communication system” that God gave me before I started to really connect to God in a personal level. My prayer life is not defined by how much I pray, whether formally or informally. It is defined by my attitude to speak and hear from God at any time. It is being susceptible to the voice of God by any and all manifestation. It’s allowing God to use any of my resources at His disposal to teach me what I need to know at a particular time. It’s accepting a God approved INTJ efficiency style of communication. It’s doing what works for God and I.


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