Main Character Powers!

This phrase is one that is used by my brother, the younger one of the two, when he is celebrating the idea of the world working to your advantage; the world bowing down to your will. I’m reluctant to adopt the phrase because my brother defines it without God in the argument. This goes against my Christian principles; it goes against what I know about God.

Don’t get me wrong: I do like the idea behind “Main Character Powers”. It’s a celebration of everything going as planned by the main character: me. Given my conflicting thoughts and perceptions, I decided to do something that might be a sin in my brother’s mind: adopt my own version of the concept.

What is my definition of Main Character Powers, then?

Main Character Powers is when God decides to make you the main character and have everything else favor you for good. It’s an allusion to Romans 8:28. It’s a celebration of everything turning out awesomely because you are walking in God’s purpose. It’s an indicator of a solid relationship with God.


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