Faith Race.

People think of the Christian walk as a marathon… a lifelong marathon, using Heb. 12: 1 as a reference. That must be tiring after a while. Not even professional runners run lifelong marathons.

What if the idea that is sold about the good faith race (translated from buena carrera de la fe) is wrong? What if the Christian walk is like being a professional runner, like 2 Ti. 2:4? They don’t always run. They also rest, eat, train themselves, and train others.

What if we don’t race just one single race, but many races in different categories? What if in an spiritual historical perspective we race in a relay race, where the different demographics and spiritual levels that we form a part of run for a short time in a race category and when our portion of the race is over we (or God) pass the baton to the next generation of people in the same category? What if there is time between races for rest, refueling, training, and serving others?

What if the beginning of the Christian walk (when one is in new-born Christian status) is marked not by running a marathon, but by training to become a runner and adopting the lifestyle of a runner, training to be able to execute your first deeds as a Christian?

What if the awards in Christ’s Tribunal (Tribunal de Cristo in Spanish) are like race trophies and heaven runners retirement home? (I think I just took this analogy way too far)

If this is true, then we should have a different perspective of what our Christian walk should be.


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